Campus Dubai

When it comes to Endometriosis Training, Aesthetic Gynecology or Orthopedics, the ICAM partner is only Dubai, the ICAM Campus Dubai.

The best doctors and educators in the above 3 specialties are the most eager to teach in Dubai in recent years, giving them the best professional and other conditions.

Accordingly, since 2019, physicians who wish to study the ICAM Endometriosis and Hyaluronic Acid (Prof. Liselotte Mettler), Aesthetic Gynecology or Orthopedics and Hyaluronic Acid modules are welcome in Dubai as training venues.

The language of the Dubai trainings is English, but our ICAM instructor helps with the needs of the full translation of the professional language with continuous interpretation into Hungarian.

Among the Faculties of Aesthetic Medicine, Body Contouring, Body Shaping, French Butt Lift Trainings are organized in Dubai upon individual request.