ICAM Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization TrainingWho do we recommend the Training for?

We recommend the ICAM Faculty of Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization to beauticians, doctors and prospective students who want to effectively supplement their range of practices or cosmetics with minimally invasive treatments.


ICAM is the only private academy teaching aesthetic medicine training in Hungary and in the Eastern European region.

The ICAM Academy curriculum is unique and special, designed specifically for the study of aesthetic medicine.

The Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization training includes a theoretical and practical module with CPD Certification if our student takes an exam.

The exam is optional.

  • Aesthetic Anatomy
  • Sepsis - antisepsis
  • Biochemistry
  • Cell biology
  • Oxidative stress
  • Inflammations, The process of wound healing
  • AnesthesiaInfection control
  • First aid
  • Preparation of treatment plan, Active substance Knowledge
  • Contraindications and treatment options
  • Aging process
  • Combination treatment options
  • Mesotherapy for face, neck, décolleté, palms, knees
  • Profhilo BAP points on face, neck, body


The ICAM Academy has developed a carefully designed training plan for students in the specialty that will provide them with all the knowledge they need to develop into a highly qualified professional.

Learning begins with knowing and mastering the basics of anatomy to build creativity based on solid knowledge and individual talent.

A key feature of the new ICAM mesotherapy training method is the perfect syllabus of lectures, textbooks and workbooks available in the professional digital student interface.

Hands On is done with personal participation and hands-on instructional video materials.

We present and explain in detail the technical and theoretical elements of the treatments.


The price of the ICAM Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization Training is € 1,100

The training fee must be paid at enrollment.


What do our former students say about us?
"For me, ICAM: family, excellence, learning (...) In my training, I value the professionalism of teachers who teach the best in both theoretical and practical classes, have always listened to us and answered all our questions. It was an honor to study at ICAM."