Campus Nizza:

Dental Hialuron 

Campus Dubai:

Esztétikai Ginekológia

Body Shaping, French Butt Lift


Ortopédia Képzések

Campus Budapest:

Private Trainings, Aesthetics

ICAM Dental 

ICAM Aesthetic Gynecology

ICAM Ortopedics

ICAM Endometriosis

When enrolling in the ICAM Student, please upload the certificate of medical and specialist education to the student interface, but it is not the Academic competence to check it. When uploading a document, the student is responsible for the reality of its contents.

It is the responsibility of each student to carry out the activity included in the given module in the manner prescribed by law, and to report it properly in the country of employment.

If you have any questions about medical training, please send an email to