Just Like Lips. 

As  I know it.

As I think is the most beautiful.

As the safest.

As it should be.

If you want to learn specifically about the possibilities of filling the lip with hyaluronic acid, but with all the possible techniques, everything yes and no is yours, then JustLikeLips Master Class is your training.

The theme and practice of the Master's program has developed into my own after many years of work and experience.

After training Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Treatments at the Brazilian Pitanguy Clinic, I attended the workshops and private trainings of Julie Horn, Raj Acquilla, Matt Stefanelli, Joan Van de Putte, Piero Crabai, Doctor Toma, Olga Shvab, Maurizio de Maio, and then developed my own technique and method. with perfect filling options for lips with different anatomies.

The Master Class consists of two phases: a theoretical preparation phase (this is done online) and a practical phase which takes place as a personal, individual contact training and involves the different filling of 16 lips in a specific technical order.

The following MasterClass start dates:

April 18, 2022

May 23, 2022

June 12, 2022


Budapest (HU)

San Francisco (USA) - for USF residents

Nice (FR) - English language training

Barcelona (ES) - ICAM All About You Camp in Hungarian

The price of the MasterClass is 3,900 euros, which includes all training-related costs.

Iratkozz fel hírlevelünkre még ma!