Have you decided to be part of the ICAM Family ?

Send us your registration details:

After your application and an online meeting with our referrer, you will need an electronic REGISTRATION 

Follow these simple steps to REGISTER:

Log in to the ICAM digital academic interface via the link provided by your referrer and password and click the register button

Enter your email address and create a new password that will allow you to log in to your own student interface in the future.

Pay the non-refundable registration fee. The fee is valid for the costs of registration and administration, it is not included in the tuition fee, semester fee or any other costs.

Upload the documents requested by ICAM to your student interface. Will be needed:

  • a copy of an identity card or passport,
  • documents proving your education,
  • society insurance number,
  • for tax number,
  • for a photo the size of a passport

in case of a grant application, to the bank account number and the documents proving the eligibility of the grant: for a large family certificate, for an income certificate, for a copy of the PIT declaration for the last 2 calendar years

If the uploaded documents are incomplete, the REGISTRATION will not be considered complete, so you will not be able to make an appointment or enroll until your registration is complete.

Select the training you are applying for

Select the starting date for the training semester

Submit your digitally recorded training registration. Submitting a registration does not automatically mean successful admission to the ICAM Academy. Our contact person will contact you by email and arrange a time to send you a recruitment interview and a cover letter. The recording conversation with your contact is done online and recorded.

ICAM will notify you of the result of your admission by email within 5 working days of your admission.

If you have been admitted to the selected course, you must REGISTER for your course within the student interface provided at the time of registration (usually 3 days).

After logging in to the interface, follow the required steps by clicking on LOGIN.

TO ENTRY you will need your credit card details, a bank account for you and the payment of the tuition or first tuition installment.

If you do not complete the registration and pay the indicated tuition within the deadline, your registration will be automatically deleted from the system.

If you may not have been admitted, you can start your studies by applying for and enrolling in the ICAM Preparatory Training, where the goal is to study and prepare for the selected training for 1 semester. Attending the preparation does not mean automatic admission for the next semester, it does not exempt you from the next admission, but our instructors will do their best to ensure your successful preparation.

BY ENTRY, you accept the ICAM Training Agreement, if you have applied for and received a tuition loan loan, you will need to sign a letter of authorization from the bank holding your bank account to collect the fixed loan repayment details for ICAM and pay the first tuition installment online.

You have to sign the Training contract through the docusign program, you will automatically receive a copy of the contract, but you will find all the documentation, timetables and information related to your training on your student interface, you can even access it from your phone via our apple application.

Upon successful ENTRY, we will upload your timetable, your ICAM Digital Academy access to all course materials in the required order of modules, and your exam dates for the next semester. Here you will be able to check your participation in classes, the results of your exams, the deadlines during the school year, the dates of ICAM workshops and professional lectures.

We warmly welcome ICAM prospective students.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at admission@icamedu.com.