Next Training: March 24, 2022

Location: Budapest

Training Price: 6.900, - Euro, to be paid in one installment 45 days before the training

Maximum number of attendants: 3

Training duration:

12 weeks online theory and

Practice in person

The topics of the training include the following Russian Face Couture techniques:

Facial harmonization according to the rules of Golden Ratio
  • Russian Lips
  • Projecting the mandibule
  • Jawline and chin
  • Filling the zygomatic arch
  • Treatment contraindications, use of hiadase enzyme
The Russian Couture treatment is a treatment protocol based on the "Russian" line concept, using approximately 6 ml of hyaluronic acid filler to treat a face on multiple areas.

This is not a treatment for all ages and not all patients, but those who prefer this direction are specifically looking for this treatment protocol.

The specialist must know whether the guest is fit to perform the treatment, and the training includes an assessment of this.