Our International CIBTAC and IEBDAC double accredited       

 Aesthetic Specialist Course are the guarantees of Your success !

Who We Are? 

We are ICAM. International College of Aesthetic Medicine. 

We are the the first Hungarian aesthetic specialist training Academy based in Spain, Barcelona. We are everything  you need to be the best, plus a little smile and passion.

For more than 15 years, the ICAM Academy has been specialized in the high-level education of Aesthetic Medicine treatments and considers ethical education and the organization of transparent trainings to be our primary goal.

We offer complex training in the field - from zero to hero, from beginner level to professional techniques using only market-leading products and working with highly qualified instructors.

Our keyword is SAFETY, this also defines our practice-oriented training system.

For you, for us, for the future of the Aesthetic Medicine market!

As an official CIBTAC and IEBDAC training center, our students can complete their training with a Ofqual Diploma and Board Certification exam approved by the English Ofqual Education Office, with which we guarantee that our school meets the highest international educational standards.

Currently, the only CIBTAC and IEBDAC Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery Educational center in the field of Aesthetic Medicine in Hungary is the ICAM Academy!

ICAM. In the forefront since 2009 for Aesthetic Medicine Treatment Courses and CE Certified Injectable distribution

aesthetic courses / hyaluronic acid workshops / skinbooster masterclass / PRP-iPRF course / CaHa collagen course

What do we offer for our partners?

aesthetic anatomy / face harmonisation / cannula techniques / hyaluronidase/ PDO and COG threads /fat dissolving 

ICAM's flagship Course is our VIP Aesthetic Specialist Course, "THE COURSE",  which has become our trademark and which is available to everyone regardless of qualification and contains everything the best professional needs. There are no hidden costs, the training is complete and perfect.

We offer Workshops, which thematically focus on special areas of the face and provide comprehensive knowledge  regardless of any other trainings.

PRP-iPRF medical course, which can introduce an integrated method of hair loss, post-hair transplant treatments, skin regeneration and anti-aging treatments into your practices.

The ICAM Ambassador program, where our partners, representing the spirit of the School and using its products, can enjoy the best ever transfer prices and our full professional support as Ambassadors.

Why study at ICAM Aesthetic Academy?

We passionately strive for the best, in every situation. There is no question about it.

As an Aesthetic Injector

You are fully supported by our Academy and with Us you can always be the best.

We teach you how to use your acquired knowledge the best

As an Aesthetic Specialist, You can be More

We can't learn for you. But we can be the tool  for you to learn.

You can start a long-term, continuously developing life journey with us.

Our courses are safe investments - in the best version of YOU

When your time has come, when YOU are important, YOUR future is our focus. 

Our upcoming accredited International Aesthetic Courses

Read the descriptions of our courses and imagine yourself in the best place, with the best team.

Ask us anything you are interested about. Let us to call or meet you. We know it's hard to decide where to go. We are happy to help you.

ICAM is WYSIWYG.    What You See Is What You Get.


Upcoming Professional Aesthetic Medicine Diploma Course starts on 

15, October 2023- online


Upcoming ICAM ©PMU Diploma Course for Semi PMUP Specialists:

25, November 2023 - Online


 Upcoming PRP-iPRF Course starts on 18, nov. 2023


CaHa hybrid liquid filler treatments - Online


A Skinbooster, Profhilo és MicroBotox Masterclass linkje 3 hónapon át elérhető


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