"THE COURSE" for future Professional Aesthetic Injectors

This course is ICAM's iconic and most popular course, our PAMD® Course provides its trainees with the best possible entry to the marketplace by learning how skinbboster, dermal filler and neurotoxin in aesthetics treatments work to rejuvenate the face holistically. 

This is a comprehensive from Zero to Hero course, covering not only how to give effective injections, but all the skills and background knowledge you need to give your clients a comprehensive and professional service.

We cover everything from medicolegal aspects, consent, consultation skills, to managing and preventing rare side effects. You will leave us not only ready to inject, but also fully equipped to set up a business as a safe and competent aesthetic professional.

ICAM's PAMD®  Course is recommended for all suitably qualified and registered cosmetic, beauty or medical professionals who are new and inexperienced with cosmetic injectable treatments and definitely want to be the bests!

(please note that this course does not replace the legal permission and registration to do the treatments in your country of work. ICAM does not take the responsability to check, know or inform students about local laws for doing aesthetic medical treatments)

ICAM Academy offer its PAMD course from foundation to advanced level, enabling Aesthetic Injectors to learn the necessary skills to carry out the best cosmetic injections.

You are always welcome at our Barcelona (ES) headquarter, Budapest (HU) training center, but we are happy to go directly to your country (even outside Eu) for trainings in case of minimum 5 attendant group requests.

The good news is that, as far as we know, no one has ever been born with a syringe in its hand and with the ability to perform filler treatments. Even the bests had to learn this profession. So everything from A to Z can be learned for you as well, if you envisioned your future in this field.

ICAM's training accompanies anyone from beginner level to becoming a professional Aesthetic Injector.

The PAMD program is an integrated Clinical Aesthetic Medicine course, which our students complete with international IEBDAC, CPD and CIBTAC exams and an optional professional internship in Hungary or abroad..

This training is intended for those who are really serious about their vision in the field of Aesthetic Medicine

This program includes all necessary license exams required to work abroad.

Students on the ICAM Diploma program have exclusive access to a range of options designed to make this course the safest investment.

The appropriate knowledge and education help to overcome all obstacles of the Aesthetic Medicine training, while preparing all our students to be employed in the field as soon as possible.

               What will you learn at the Course?                                                                                             How long it takes to do the course?                                                                                           When does the next course start?                                                                                             How much does it cost?      

8 Anatomy ModulesAesthetic Anatomy

5 Interactive Hyaluron ModulesInjection techniques

5 Online Hands On ModulesAesthetic Treatment Planning

Hands OnIn person or 1 to 1 online Hands On modules

Master Hands OnAdvanced Techniques

Integrative Aesthetic MedicinePDO Threads and CaHa

       About the Aesthetic Injector Course:

The training is 80% hand on oriented. The contact hands on part is always focused on You and Your needs.

The course has 6 modules and you can cover them in approx. 6 months.

First 4 modules are 100% online, and the last 2 hands on modules are in person, or personal online based on your request. 

Don't forget that we are happy to fly to your country for the hands on modules in case of minimum 5 trainees.

01. Aesthetic Anatomy online theory

Driven by your teacher, 8 sessions of aesthetic anatomy. Zoom lessons, real time lectures.

02. Physiology - injection techniques - mestoherapy / skinbooster / hyaluron / CaHa / collagen / PDO and toxin knowledge- theory  

5 interactive modules online with 3D FACIAL app.

03. Online hands on module

 5 interactive modules with NextMotion application, understanding and analyzing tretaments and techniques.

04. Basic filler injection techniques

mesotherapy / skinbooster / profhilo / CaHa 

marionette fold / perioral area / nasolabial fold

midface / jawline / cheekbones 

8D Lips concept - classic technique / 4mm technique / fanning technique / russian lips technique / lifting and volumenisation / extra thin lips

Chins / mandibule volumenisation 

05. Advanced techniques

Cannula technique

combined techniques / full face

hialuronidaze enzyme / reversal techniques

06. Integrative techniques - PDO / lipolitic injections / CaHa

Important point:  Price and Value

ICAM is your Best choice if you want to be an Aesthetic Injector

We offer you individual courses in Barcelona (Spain) or we are happy to organize hands on trainings in you Country in case of minimum of 5 attendants. With this option, you do not need to pay extras on your travel and stay, we go directly to you and teach you.

If you want to learn individually, so that our trainer is with you 1 /1, the course costs 14.900 Euro per person

In case of minimum 5 attendees, we can offer you online theory and in person hands on hybrid course in the place of your Country with 4 intensive hands on days. In this case the course costs 5.900 € per person plus 2 trainers' travel and stay need to be covered by the trainee group. (flights from Barcelona BCN airport business class and back plus hotel)

Our prices include everything you need, also covers the cost of international professional exams and certificates. There are no hidden costs, the models who come for the training, receive free treatments and products for aftercare.