The presentation of procedures that can be classified in the safe zone between Aesthetic medicine, minimal and non-invasive treatments and Semi Permanent Make Up (PMU) aroused great interest from the organizers of the 2023 International IEBDAC conference.

PMUP, Make-up and tattoo specialists can learn how to master the treatments developed by ICAM and approved by the international Educational Board at our accredited Academy as part of the Board Certification Diploma course.

The training is validated by the registered International Qualification Diploma, which is verified and guaranteed for the students by the IEBDAC International Education Board.


Next course starts online: october 25, 2023

Course lenght: 4 months online + personal hands on

Type of education: Hybrid

Theoretical part takes place online - once every two weeks in the form of real-time lectures on the ICAM digital academy interface

Practical part is in person

Location of contact training: Budapest or we go directly to your country upon request and special terms of course cost

(minimum of 5 attendants plus 2 trainers travel and hotels costs to be covered. - Travel from and to Barcelona (ES) on business)

Cost of training: 3.900 €

What will you learn on the course?

Most aestheticians dealing with PMUP or tattooing are alone not only in the moments after their most successful work, but also when they find themselves facing an unexpected side effect, a complication never seen before or a contraindication due to other aesthetic medicine treatments.

This is a very frustrating feeling and can easily lead to an unstable situation.

What happens then? In the majority of cases, the only option is to find information on "doctor google" or facebook forums. In general, there are as many types of advice as there are, and the number of possible solutions increases from one to a hundred.

The field of PMUP has developed at the speeded up very fast in the last 5-6 years. But it is also the field of Aesthetic Medicine, and if a specialist is not prepared for possible incompatibilities and contraindications, does not recognize their cause or is unable to treat them, he/she can easily find himself/herself in an unpleasant situation.

There is almost no client who has not already had a PMUP, a contour in need of correction, laser, exfoliation, HIFU, dermaroller, biorevitalization, filler, threading, etc. treatment.

The ICAM ©PMUP training provides immediate knowledge and a comprehensive master's program to all professionals who want to start on the path to recognizing and treating aesthetic complications and learning minimal / non-invasive aesthetic medicine treatments that can be safely integrated with PMUP.

If there's one thing that today's clients are more interested in than the price, it's safety.

With the ICAM ©PMUP training, you will be able to identify and treat all the main complications and side effects that can be encountered in make-up tattooing or medical aesthetics, thereby giving your practice a new impetus as your guests can be as safe as possible.

1. Recognition and treatment options of inflammatory, allergic, and infectious reactions occurring after PMUP treatment

2. Side effects related to local anesthesia

3. Regenerative minimal / non-invasive aesthetic medicine procedures and techniques to restore and minimize damage after tattoo and PMUP removal

4. Anatomy of the Perioral area

5. Eyelash enhancement, eyelid PMU treatment and associated bacterial contraindications

6. Newest biostimulating 3D Hyaluronic acid sterile procedures to rejuvenate the perioral area (minimally invasive / non-invasive treatments)

Sticker 3D hyaluronic acid layer concept. Natural, safe, biostimulating and filler effect. Skinboosting, JLS 4mm technique. The new concept of ICAM.

7. Find out everything: what / when / with what? and most of all: what/ when/ why NOT!