The Aesthetic Medical Academy

We always want the best...

The history of the ICAM Academy of Aesthetic Medicine began in 2009, when the school's current rector and one of its founders recognized the need for high-quality aesthetic medicine training that meets international standards.

He knew exactly what he wanted to create: the best training Academy of Aesthetic Medicine

As the first Hungarian distributors of Ibsa Derma, Algeness, Mesoestetic, Regenyal Laboratoires and Laboratoire Genevrier, since 2008 we have been in close contact with world-leading manufacturers in the international aesthetic market.

It was not an easy task to be successful on several fronts at the same time: workshops, campaigns, introductions, public relations, reputation management, brand building and development, to represent the international medical device manufacturers and companies in Hungary, then from 2020 in Spain.

What is inspiration for Us?

Our failures always ended up with success. We were never afraid to talk about them or face them: thanks to them, ICAM (International College of Aesthetic Medicine) has now become a 100% brand-independent, accredited Academy.

We have learned that inspiration has great power. We also convey this to our future students and partners.

Without any exceptions, the Academy's success story began with inspiration: an idea, a suggestion, an intuition. 

Of course, we had to know how to use all of this. 100% hard work alone will never bring the expected results. Work and inspiration go hand in hand. The best professionals do not work harder, but smarter and more creatively. Inspiration can be "activated" at any time.

The very first course in Hungary for Clinical Aesthetic Injectors:

Under the name of Aesthetic Anatomy, in 2010, under the guidance of Dr. George Oskarbski, we developed and began teaching the first complex theoretical module, which specifically summarizes the necessary basics for the professional use of hyaluronic acid fillers, skin boosters, and skin quality improvement products, and what we have been using ever since.

In addition to the unbroken success of our first course, which are available in both English, Spanish  and Hungarian languages, called Clinical Aesthetic Specialist Injector Course, the Academy expanded in 2021 and our iconic course became available in Barcelona.

In 2022, we launched PRP-iPRF training specifically made for aesthetic dentists and dental specialists, and in 2023, the academy also successfully completed the CaHa collagen induction procedures module.

The backbone of our training is provided by our self-developed curriculum based on aesthetic anatomy and physiology, knowledge of hyaluronic acid medical devices, which the participants learn under the guidance of the teaching staff, which is still active at home and abroad.

Our goal is to train professionals with strong practical knowledge at the end of our training, who can hold their own in acute situations, both at home and on the international stage.

The language of the training is English, so we welcome both domestic and foreign students at our school. Our training courses are accredited and licensed by CIBTAC, CPD and IEBDAC, so after their completion, the participants can obtain vocational training recognized by the English Education Office, but we also welcome future students who want to raise their knowledge of aesthetic medicine to a new level without becoming a profession.


  • In one word: Everyone. Everyone who is looking for a turning point in their life and career. Who is looking for a system behind what is happening.
  • Professionals already employed in some field of the beauty profession who want to further develop their knowledge by learning from instructors with up-to-date knowledge and recognized experience.
  • Lovers of Aesthetic Medicine, doctors, health professionals who want to systematize and improve their knowledge acquired so far or to become a professional from a completely beginner level.
  • Present and future entrepreneurs and investors who want to get to know the world of Aesthetic Medicine from the inside.

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